Muzaffarpur Ranks at 165 position in the Top 10 Cleanest Railway Station in India

In our current article, we will tell you about Muzaffarpur railway station which is one of the well-known railway stations of Bihar state. This station falls under the Sonpur division, which comes under the East Central Division. After the year 2012, the Central Government has made a lot of development through the Railway Station Development Corporation, such as Free WiFi, Food Court built by IRCTC, Air-Conditioned Waiting Lounge etc.

Talk about security, here you will soon see a Metal Detector Baggage Handling System. Speaking of platforms, you will get 7 platforms in total on Muzaffarpur railway station. There are 15 tracks in place of Pay here.

There are 75 A1 category railway stations in India, in which Muzaffarpur Junction occupies the 46th place. The station has 2 Foot Over Bridge. The station code of Muzaffarpur Railway Station is MFP. Moreover, If you want to contact the Station officials the Railway Station Number is 91-9771429928. Talking about the Train Enquiry Number it is 0621-2045231.

List of Lines Passes via Muzaffarpur Railway Station

Below is the list of 8 Lines that Pass through Muzaffarpur Railway Station.

  1. Barauni-Gorakhpur, Raxaul and Jainagar lines
  2. Barauni-Samastipur-Muzaffarpur-Hajipur line
  3. Muzaffarpur- Gorakhpur line (via Hajipur, Raxaul, and Sitamarhi)
  4. Samastipur-Muzaffarpur section
  5. Muzaffarpur-Hajipur section
  6. Muzaffarpur-Gorakhpur mainline
  7. Barauni-Samastipur section
  8. Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi section

Number of Halting, Originating, and Terminating Trains at Muzaffarpur Railway Station

At Present, There are a total of 99 Halting Trains and 28 Originating and 28 Terminating Trains available at Muzaffarpur Junction.

Nearby Stations to Muzaffarpur Railway Station

Some of the Nearby Station of Muzaffarpur Railway Station are given below:

  1. Narayanpur Anant nearby 5 km
  2. Ram Dayalu Nagar nearby 6 km
  3. Jubba Sahni nearby 9 km
  4. Kaparpura nearby 10 km
  5. Silout nearby 11 km
  6. Kanti nearby 13 km
  7. Turki nearby 14 km
  8. Piprahan Halt nearby 17 km
  9. Siho nearby 18 km
  10. Kurhani nearby 20 km

Fact: There are a total of 2 Railway stations that come under Muzaffarpur District. The 1st one is Muzaffarpur Junction and the 2nd one is Ram Dayalu Nagar Railway Station.

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