An Interesting news came into existence when Government officials survey different schools present in Muzaffarpur district. After completing the survey they decide to Shut down a total of 21 schools in Muzaffarpur. Don’t be afraid if the total number of students present in your school is more than 40. Yes this the margin government official set.

In a recent survey Government officials found that there are some schools in Muzaffarpur that has merely 12-14 students admitted in it. The interesting thing is they even get the license to open the school. These schools are distributed over different blocks of Muzaffarpur.

However, the highest number of such schools were found in Kurhani. There are a total of 21 such schools. Note that authority has decided that to open a primary school in nutrious field at least 40 students must admitted in it. Infact, one should open a school if non other were present in the locality.

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Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India

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