Muzaffarpur converting railway coaches into covid 19 isolation wards
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While we already heard, In most part of our country Indian Railway has already started converting or have converted in Railway coaches into COVID 19 Isolation wards. Now, Following the same spree, East Central Railway Sonpur division has also started coverting Railway Coaches into Isolation Wards.

A total of 40 Railway Coaches that belongs to East Central Railway Sonpur division is going to be converted into COVID 19 Isolation wards and out of these 40 coaches 11 of them are belongs to Muzaffarpur. Now, each of these coaches are made such that it can isolate 8 patients at a time and for that East Central Railway has removed the middle birth of these coaches. Right now, sanitation work is being done and soon all these coaches works as COVID 19 isolation wards.

Talking of the total number of COVID 19 Isolation wards, the East Central Railway has given the responsility to made, these are 268 coaches out of which 166 coaches has already been made.

Do note that the Government have to be prepared for the extreme case and thats why they are taking such step.

Source: City Post Live

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