Muzaffarpur Ranks at 165 position in the Top 10 Cleanest Railway Station in India

Muzaffarpur Junction, an A1 category railway station in the Sonpur Division of East Central Railway is soon going to be developed as a World Class Station.

To develop the Junction as a world-class station, the Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited the proposal for consultancy till January 29, 2021. Earlier also the Authority asked the agency to submit their proposal for consultancy by October 12, 2020, however, due to lockdown and other technical reasons, the same was not completed.

Once the RLDA selects the agency, then I think the redevelopment work of the station will be started. Under the Station Redevelopment Program, the Centre has provisioned Rs. 400 crores for the station.

State-of-the-Art Facilities on the Redeveloped Muzaffarpur Railway Station

  1. Access Control Gates
  2. Escalators and Lifts on each platform
  3. Catering services
  4. Purified drinking water
  5. ATM
  6. WiFi
  7. Washroom
  8. 4.9 times more parking areas than the present
  9. 2.35 times more space in the main station building
  10. Serve 3 times more passengers than the present
  11. Rainwater harvesting facility
  12. Solid waste management facility
  13. Fire fighting facility
  14. The railway platform will have the best quality Kota stone tiles
  15. A 108-meter-wide air plaza over the platform
  16. Solar connectivity to reduce carbon footprint
  17. Multi-Function Complex
  18. Multi-Story Parking
  19. The Junction walls will be engraved with pictures of Shahi Litchi and Mithila Paintings.

Why is the Junction to be developed as a World Class Station?

Well, those of you who might think, Why is the Junction to be developed as the World Class Station? Let me tell you, the Muzaffarpur Junction is amongst the top hundred booking stations on Indian Railway. Also, it is the highest revenue-generating station under the Sonpur Division.

Indian Railway Shares The New Look of Muzaffarpur Railway Station

The Ministry of Railway has shared the demo look of the Muzaffarpur Railway Station redesign.

The new station is going to be redeveloped under the railway redeveloped program through EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Contract Model).

The redeveloped railway station is proposed to be completed within 36 months (i.e. 2024).

A Rooftop Plaza will soon be constructed at Muzaffarpur Junction

Under the station redevelopment plan, the Rail Land Development Authority will soon construct a Roof Plaza at Muzaffarpur Junction.The Plaza will be spread over 354 sq. ft. of the area and will contain food courts, a play zone for kids, and stalls selling local products. The passenger on the Junction can read the plaza via elevated road and escalator. The RLDA is trying to give airport-like facilities to the Junction passengers and that’s why they are constructing a lounge as well.The estimated cost to construct the plaza is Rs. 442.1 crores. RLDA already completes the tender to start the construction process 6 months ago. It will take around 3 years to complete constructing the Plaza. Right now, the development authority has established the base camp to start constructing the plaza.

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