Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital, Muzaffarpur
Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital, Muzaffarpur

The state government owned second largest hospital and medical college in North Bihar “SKMCH” is still getting less oxygen than the required amount.

As per the district administration, around 400 cylinders are being supplied to the hospital everyday but the hospital management says given the number of patients, the hospital requires around 500 cylinders everyday.

Due to the lack of required cylinders, sometimes the hospital authority asked the patients to arrange oxygen on their own. The Hospital currently supplies the same flow of oxygen to all the patients, doesn’t matter whether any of them are serious or normal. The reason is the hospital itself is getting less oxygen than the required amount. Hence, if any serious patient visit the hospital requiring a high flow of oxygen, then the hospital authority asks them to arrange the oxygen on their own at first.

As per a live hindustan report, a patient Santosh Kumar from Baria said, after started deteriorating on Thursday night, he was advised by the doctors to go to SKMCH. His relatives called the SKMCH control room at 0621-2231202 at twelve o’clock at night. The officer sitting in the control room said, if you have a cylinder then visit the hospital because the flow of oxygen is low here.

In the past ten 10 days, the hospital has used only one ventilator because ventilators require high flow of oxygen.

The shortage of oxygen might be improved as soon as the construction of the oxygen plant will be completed in the hospital premises.

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