Bihar State Highway Policy

Seeing the rising pressure on the existing highways in the state, Bihar is making the State Highway policy in line with the National Highway Policy.

The policy has been named State Highway Action Plan 2021-25

The officials are currently preparing the policy after analyzing the pressure of vehicles on the state highway in the coming five years.

As per the policy, some state highways in our state are going to be widened.

It has been found in the survey that some major roads in the state have been congested in recent years due to rising transportation. However, these roads are not widened yet as required. The result is, these roads face traffic jams every other day.

Seeing the same, the state government is preparing the State Highway Action Plan 2021-25.

The Bihar Road Construction Department has ordered the engineers to analyze such roads that regularly face traffic jams and prepare the action plan to widen them.

The state road construction department has also ordered the engineers to submit the action plan within 15 days.

The Growth of State Highways in Bihar

Although Bihar saw a rise in the length of highways in recent years, the numbers are still low in comparison to the national average.

Till 2005, Bihar had 3537 km of highways and In 2019 the number grew to 5358 km. So, In 14 years, the length of highways in Bihar merely increased to 1821 kilometers.

What does the State Highway Action Plan contain?

The State Highway Action Plan will contain:

  1. The Road Maintenance Plan.
  2. The Plan of how to widen the congested highways in the state.
  3. How to improve the quality of roads that are being constructed?
  4. How to improve the quality of roads that have already been constructed?

Bihar Highways Statistics

  • National Highway – 5948 km
  • National Highway having Single Lane – 757.13 km
  • National Highway having Double Lane – More than 23.56 km
  • State Highway – 4000.5 km
  • State Highway having Single Lane – 570.23 km
  • State Highway having Double Lane – 2654.64 km

The main aim to prepare this policy is to increase the network of state highways in Bihar. Seeing the pressure on major roads, it is now the time to widen them. One these roads are classified as State Highways, they will be widened.

Amrit Lal Meena, Additional Chief Secretary, Bihar Road Construction Department

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