Why does Bihar needs more Airports

You might have heard this phrase “all roads lead to Rome”. This phase defines the economic greatness of a city called Rome. But that phrase better suits ancient times. If I wrote an equivalent phrase for today then that would be “all airlines land here”.

Today we determine the economic power of a city by seeing its air transportation services.

Having more and advanced air transportation means a city or state is economically powerful.

Talking about Bihar, the state has 8 Airports but only 3 of them are functional right now. One can locate these three airports at Patna, Gaya, and Darbhanga respectively.

Patna and Gaya have an International Airport. Darbhanga has a domestic one.

Beside Domestic and International Airports, the state also has Defence Airbase and Airstrips.

Bihar has three military Air Bases in Bihta, Purnea, and Gopalganj whereas three Airstrips are in Birpur, Chhapra, and Katihar.

Airports, Airbases, and Airstrips in Bihar

Here is the complete list of Airports, Airbases, and Airstrips in Bihar.

Jay Prakash Narayan Airport (Airport)International AirportFunctional
Gaya AirportInternational Airport Functional
Bhagalpur AirportDomestic AirportNon-Functional
Darbhanga AirportDomestic Airport Functional
Forbesganj AirportDomestic Airport Non-Functional
Munger AirportDomestic Airport Non-Functional
Saharsa AirportDomestic Airport Non-Functional
Raxaul AirportDomestic Airport Non-Functional
Bihta Air Force StationAir Base
Purnea AirportAir Base
Sabeya Airport (Gopalganj)Air Base
List of Functional and Non-Functional Airports in Bihar

Now, out of all these only three Airports are functional.

The Darbhanga Airport is the newest functional Airport in Bihar that has seen more than 3 lakh passengers movement till July 2021, since it has started its operation.

Seeing the growth of Darbhanga Airport, and other necessities, people are now demanding more Airports in Bihar.

Below I have mentioned some of the important reasons why Bihar needs more Airports.

Helping Migrating Population

As per Census 2011, the total population of Bihar is more than 10 crore. The same census also says Bihar and Uttar Pradesh jointly have more than 2 crores migrating populations.

Migrating Population: A population that travels from one location to another.

States having such a large migrating population really need a premium travel medium.

And what could be a better travel medium other than Airplanes?

Hence, to improve the travel experience of the crores of migrating population, the state must have more Airports.

Boosting Industrialization

Ever Since the condition of highways and roads became better, the state is moving towards industrialization.

Food processing, Dairy, Sugar, Manufacturing, and Healthcare are the fastest growing industries in the state.

You will be surprised to know that Bihar is the 4th and 8th largest producer of vegetables and fruits in India. Seems like that’s the reason a mega food park is opening in Muzaffarpur.

Now, besides industries, Bihar is also growing itself as a center of tourist attraction. The state recently has built Rajgir Glass Bridge, Zoo Safari, and other things.

So, if the state wants to grow itself as a center of tourist attraction from all over the world, then having more airports helps it to achieve the same goal quickly.

With more Airports, more Tourists and Industrialists will easily visit the state which in turn will also increase the state’s GDP.

Easing Transportation Services for Remote Districts

Bihar has a total of 38 districts out of which only 3 of them have airports. If more airports are present in Bihar, then by the time people living in remote districts (with respect to Airports) reach airports of other districts they can travel from one state to another.

For example, Right now, if a person in the Purnea district wants to take air services then he has to visit either of the three existing Airports in Bihar which is far.

So, having more Airports will definitely ease the transportation services for people living in remote districts.

That’s all about the article from my side. Do let me know the reasons in the comments below why Bihar needs more Airports.

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