Muzaffarpur Local Agency selected to beautify 4 Parks in the City

This Friday, Bhudev Chakravarti ( CEO, Muzaffarpur Smart City) finally certified a local agency named Maa Ambe Enterprises to complete the beautification of four parks located in Muzaffarpur.

Out of the total 19 agencies who have applied to get the tender, the local agency has been chosen because it gives the best proposal.

The Detailed Project Report to beautify these parks was prepared a long ago but no any agency were selected back then to beautify these parks.

Now, since the agency has been chosen, it is expected the work order will be released next week.

Those of you who don’t know, there are three parks present in our city whereas a new park will be constructed. Therefore, Muzaffarpur to soon have a total of four parks.

  1. Jubba Sahni Park
  2. Indra Park
  3. City Park
  4. A Park near District Magistrate’s residence (will be constructed)

More than Rs 5.5 crore estimated to beautify these Parks

The Jubba Sahni Park is planned to be beautified at a cost of Rs. 2.83 crore. For Indra Park, an estimate of Rs. 1.34 crore has been made whereas for City Park and a park near DM residence, Rs. 78.24 lakh and Rs. 57.63 lakh has been estimated for beautification.

Updated on October 17, 2021

The city Municipal commissioner Vivek Ranjan Matrey has requested the District Magistrate to vaccant the Education Department Building that is present near the DM residence. Once the building will be vaccated, it will be demolished to construct a park. Apart from that, the work order to construct and beautify these four parks will be released next week.

Do note that, all these parks are going to be beautified as part of Muzaffarpur Smart City projects.

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