Indian Railways Data Centers Bihar

To facilitate access to digital services in rural areas, Indian Railways is going to create 8 data centers in Bihar.

Railtel Corporation of India (which is under the ownership of India Railways) is going to build these data centers.

The main aim to build these data centers is to easily make information available in remote rural areas.

Usually, Data centers are built in big cities, the result is people living in rural areas find it difficult to easily access the information.

To overcome the same, the Indian Railways-owned Railtel is building data centers in 8 districts of Bihar. That is:

  1. Patna
  2. Gaya
  3. Muzaffarpur
  4. Chapra
  5. Hajipur
  6. Siwan
  7. Sonpur
  8. Samastipur

In addition to making the information easily available, these data centers will also promote the central government’s Digital India Mission.

Other benefits of buidling these Data Centers

  • Fast connectivity: These data centers will promote fast connectivity to the governement owned servers like UIDAI.
  • Low Cost Server Space: These data centers will provide server space at low cost to the users which results in promoting the creation of Internet dependent applications like TV Channel, Websites etc.
  • Reducing Data Consumption: Since, data centers are near to the users, their data consumption will be low.

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