CM Nitish to Inaugurate Munger Rail-Road Bridge

Today, The Chief Minister of Bihar is going to inaugurate the rail-road bridge in Munger.

The bridge has been named “Shri Krishna Setu“.

This bridge shortens the distance between Munger and Khagaria.

Earlier, the distance between Munger and Khagaria was 154 km but with this bridge now the distance is merely 25 km.

The length of the bridge is 3.75 km placed over the Ganga River.

The length of the approach road to the bridge (from the Munger side) is 9 km whereas from the Khagaria side it is 5 km.

That means, if we count the total length of the bridge (including approach road) then it is 18 km.

The bridge has been constructed at Rs 696 crores.

Munger is going to have this bridge after 19 years.

In addition to the Chief Minister of Bihar, the below officials will also be present at the inauguration ceremony.

  1. Central Minister Nitin Gadkari
  2. Bihar Transport Minister, Nitin Nabin
  3. Deputy CM of Bihar, Tarkishore Prasad
  4. Deputy CM of Bihar, Renu Devi
  5. Central State Rail Minister, General VK Singh
  6. Union Rural Development Minister, Giriraj Singh
  7. Rajya Sabha MP, Rakesh Sinha
  8. Munger MP and JDU National President, Lalan Singh

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