Surgical and Pharma Park Muzaffarpur Bela Industrial Area

After getting approval of opening Leather and Mega Food Park, BIADA is all set to open the Surgical and Pharma Park as well in Muzaffarpur.

In the land of Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical Limited (IDPL) which is situated in Bela Industrial Area, Surgical and Pharma Park will soon be open.

The Bihar Industrial Area and Development Authority (BIADA) has consulted institutions related to Central Family Welfare and Health Ministry for the park.

After getting approval from the Ministry and the central institution, the surgical and pharma park will open in the premises of IDPL.

The park will promote job opportunities as well.

To open the park, BIADA has marked 25 acres of land on the IDPL campus.

The park will manufacture Mask, PPE Kit, Oxygen, Oxygen Concentrator, Needle, Cotton, Gloves, Test Kit, and other things that are used in Pathology and Surgery. In addition to that, the park will also manufacture different medicines.

Private companies will open their offices in the park.

A Quick History of IDPL in Muzaffarpur

The Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited was established back in 1977 by the former central minister George Fernandes.

In 1994, the IDPL was renamed Bihar Drugs Industrial Chemical Limited.

Initially, the institution manufactures raw materials for medicines related to Vitamin B-3, Acetic Acid, etc.

Several reputed pharmaceutical companies purchased the raw materials from IDPL.

However, In 1996, the IDPL was closed, and for the past seven years, the SSB camp is running there.

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  1. This is a great move by our respected industry minister to reutilize the abandoned IDPL land .It will generate fresh job.

    But can the responsible authority assure the different types of pollution control which the local people are facing since many years and no one is taking serious actions against different rice mills in BIADA Bela area increasing SPM in local environment and looks like system is dead against these culprit polluting agents.

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