Bihar Caste-Based Survey Second Phase Starts on April 15

In the year 2021, Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said, he is in the favor of conducting the caste-based survey in Bihar.

Thereafter on June 6, 2022, the Government of Bihar issued a notification to conduct a caste-based survey in Bihar which should be completed in two phases.

The state government will spend Rs 500 crore from its contingency fund to complete this survey.

The General Administration Department has been given the responsibility to successfully complete this survey.

First Phase Stats

The first phase of the caste-based survey was started on January 7, 2023, and ended on January 21.

In the first phase, more than 5.18 lakh officials were engaged in conducting the survey.

Jeevika Didi and Aanganwadi workers also help the government employees to carry out the survey.

In the first phase, the officials gather the data from 2,58,90,497 families from all 38 districts of Bihar.

In the first phase, only the number of households in the state was recorded, however, in the second phase, the state government will record the number of persons in the households, their caste, sub-caste, and other socio-economic conditions.

Now you are thinking about when the second phase of the survey will start.

Second Phase to start from April 15, 2023

Well, the second phase of the survey will from April 15 and end on May 15 this year.

To complete the second phase of the caste-based survey in Bihar, 12996 enumerators, and 2400 supervisors have been deployed in Patna.

Yesterday, technical officers from Beltron starts the two-day training of BDOs, COs, Executive Officers, and charge officers of the city council regarding how to collect information about the family members.

What Information is being collected in Bihar Caste-Based Survey from the Family?

The officials will visit each and every house in the state and collect the information on the mobile app.

Below is the information that is being collected in the caste-based survey in Bihar from the family.

  1. Candidate Name
  2. Father’s Name
  3. Age
  4. Address
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Education Qualification
  7. Profession
  8. Residential Status
  9. Number of Vehicles owned by the family members.

At first, officials will collect these informations on the mobile app and thereafter will upload it on the website of the General Administration Department.

A Unique ID for each Family in the State

Once the enumeration completes, each family will be given a unique identification number through which officials can verify the details of each family member from one place.

Also, the identification number will help a family to be uniquely identified in the state.

Stats: In the first phase, the information of 13,79,185 family members from the Patna districts was collected under caste-based enumeration. That means, In 2023, the Patna district has around 14 lakh family members.

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