bihar constructing worlds largest ramayan temple

Bihar is constructing the World’s Largest Ramayan Temple in Kaithwalia-Bahuara village located in the East Champaran District. Approximately, 120 km away from the state capital Patna.

The construction process is said to be completed by the year 2025.

And the cost to complete this project is said to be Rs 5 billion.

Virat Ramayan Temple Architecture

The temple would be taller than Angkor Wat Buddist temple located in northern Cambodia.

Angkor Wat is the current largest religious monument in the world.

However, when the Viraat Ramayan Temple will be built, it will become the world’s largest religious monument.

The temple would be 405 feet high whereas its length would be 2800 feet and width would be 1400 feet.

More than 20,000 people can sit in the temple.

The temple will accommodate homes for different hindu gods and goddesses, but primarily focused on Lord Rama and Sita.

The temple would be constructed in 3.76 lakh sq. ft. of land in Kaithwalia-Bahuara village located in East Champaran district.

It will have 12 domes and 22 sanctum sanctorum.

Virat Ramayan Temple to have World’s Largest Shivling

In addition to being the world’s largest temple, the Virat Ramayan Temple would also have the World’s largest Shivling.

The Shivling will be 33 ft high made with black granite that weighs 200 tonnes.

This Shivling is being constructed in Mahabalipuram Near Chennai.

The secretary of Patna’s Mahavir Mandir trust, Acharya Kishor Kunal says, the Shivling will be established in the temple by year’s 2025 Mahashivratri.

Construction Delay

While the construction process was started back in 2015, but due to protest from the Cambodian government, the construction process was delayed.

Well, back in 2012, when the Patna’s Mahavir Mandir Trust suggested the temple name as Viraat Angkor Wat Ram Mandir, the Cambodian government started protesting to change the name.

Then, taking the concern and sentiment of the Cambodian government in mind, the Indian Government asked the trust to change the name and not build the exact replica of Angkor Wat.

Thereafter, the name of the temple changed to Virat Ramayan Mandir.

In November 2013, the state CM Nitish Kumar unveiled the temple model.

What do you think about Virat Ramayan Temple? How do you think the temple would attract recognition for Bihar? Let me know in the comments below.

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