Muzaffarpur Ranks at 165 position in the Top 10 Cleanest Railway Station in India

To make Muzaffarpur Railway Station a world class facility, the Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has decided to extend Platform 6 and 7.

As per RLDA, the decision has been taken to construct a temporary waiting room in between these two platforms.

The platforms will be extended towards the Ramdayalu Nagar Station.

The death end of these platforms will be extended to build the pathways.

When officials were facing difficulties to finalize the design, they requested the ADRM of Sonpur Division to solve the design issues.

Following their request, the ADRM of Sonpur Division, Murli Manohar Prasad visited Muzaffarpur Junction.

After inspecting the area and referencing the map, the ADRM asked the officials to build the temporary waiting room in between platform 6 and 7 by extending both these platforms.

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