4 new rcc bridge muzaffarpur

The Rural Works Department has permitted the construction of 4 high level RCC Bridge in Muzaffarpur.

These bridges are going to be built in the district’s western division.

Two bridges will be constructed in Marwan whereas the remaining two will be constructed in Sahebganj.

The approximate cost to construct these bridges is calculated to be around Rs 22 crores.

While the department has approved the construction of these bridges, their tenders are going to open online next month i.e. on September 15.

Bridges Dimension, Worth, and Location

Bridge Over Fardo River in Chainpur

For a long time, people were demanding to construct a bridge over the Fardo river in the Chainpur Panchayat of Marwan. The rural works department approved the construction of a 54.160 meter long RCC bridge over Fardo River in Chainpur Panchayat.

Cost of Construction: Rs 5.51 crores

A Bridge Over Marwan Borwara Road

The department approved one more bridge in Marwan. This 54.160 meter long bridge will be constructed on Marwan to Borwara road.

Cost of Construction: Rs 5.45 crores

A Bridge Over Vishnupur Patti Jagdishpur Road

The department has approved the construction of a 54.160 meter long RCC bridge on the way from Vishupur Patti to Jagdishpur that falls in the Sahebganj Block.

Cost of Construction: Rs 5.19 crores

A Bridge Over Via River in Shahpur Road

The second bridge that is going to be constructed in the Sahebganj block is over Via River in between Madhurapur Middle School and Shahpur Road. The bridge length would be 60.870 meters.

Cost of Construction: Rs 5.79 crores

So, these are the four new RCC bridges that are going to be constructed in different blocks of Muzaffarpur district.

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