Bihar Brings Different Examination Promoting Initiatives

Bihar is well known for its talented students qualifying in different examinations in the country.

It doesn’t matter the field (such as Engineering, General Administration, Science & Medicine and more) in which the examination belongs.

Every year, every month and in fact almost every day different examinations happen in different districts of Bihar.

To ease the examination process and give comfort to students so that they can excel more, the state CM has introduced several initiatives listed below:

Bapu Examination Complex in Patna

Yesterday, the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar inaugurated the country’s largest examination center called Bapu Examination Complex in Kumhrar, Patna.

It has been named “Bapu Pariksha Parisar” after Mahatma Gandhi.

Built on 6 acres of land, the center is capable of taking the examination of more than 25000 examinees at one time.

The state government has spent Rs 261 crore to construct this examination complex.

The complex is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like: CCTV Camera, Cell Phone Jammers, Webcasting, Solar Panels, Best Configuration Computers and more.

Regarding this complex, CM Nitish said – “We were trying to build a big examination complex where a large number of examinees can take part in the examination at one place. We finally built such an examination complex where different examinations are going to be conducted every day.”

Examination Complex in 29 Districts

In addition to inaugurating the country’s largest examination center, the state CM also inaugurated the second phase of the BSEB roadmap for examinations in the state.

One such reform in the roadmap includes the construction of examination buildings (like Bapu Pariksha Parisar) in 29 districts.

Strong Room in 38 Districts

To smoothly conduct different examinations happening each day, the state government has decided to create a strong room in all the 38 districts.

The strong rooms will be responsible for keeping the examination papers and different accessories related to the examination.

These rooms will be monitored by the higher officials all the time and will have limited access to staff.

Free NEET JEE Coaching

In addition to building and proposing examination centers, the state government will also provide free coaching to students who want to prepare for JEE or NEET examinations.

Infact, BSEB is currently accepting applications for the same right now.

This new initiative not just opens doors for students only but for teachers as well.

BSEB has invited applications from experienced teachers in different streams (like Physics, Maths, English, Hindi).

And, for that they are offering competitive packages. For example, for a full-time physics teacher with a minimum of 5 years teaching experience, BSEB is offering a package of Rs 4 lakh per month. For an experienced Math teacher interested to do part time (45 min to 3 hours a day) can earn Rs 4000 per class.

Interested candidates can apply for these positions by sending their experience certificate, salary slip, and application form at [email protected].

Other Initiatives

Some other initiatives introduced by the state CM includes construction of:

  • AI based Forms in Examinations.
  • AI based Data Sanitization
  • RFID based Security and Tracking System for conducting fair examination.
  • Online examination center in all 9 divisions.

So, these are all the initiatives through which the Bihar government is trying to upbring the culture of examination in the state. What are your thoughts and views about the same? Looking forward to hear in the comments below.

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