Bihar to Connect Ganga and Gandak river via 170 km long channel

To overcome the problem of flood, low groundwater level and revive ponds and lakes, the state government has approved the construction of a 170 km long channel that will connect the Gandak and Ganga river together.

Department experts noticed that, In the month of June the water level in Gandak river rises. However, at the same time, the water level in Ganga river decreases. Also, due to rising water levels in Gandak river, some districts like Gopalganj and Siwan became prone to flooding. To solve both the problem (and few more), the state government decided to build a channel that connects both these rivers.

About this project, the water resource minister said:

The project is the result of our state’s chief minister’s long vision. The State CM (Nitish Kumar) asks us to bring a solution to overcome floods and guide us to connect the Ganga and Gandak river together.

Sanjay Kumar Jha

This project will not just prevent flooding in different districts but will also increase the ground water level.

The department is expected to complete this project by October 2024.

Currently, the workplan and tender of this project is completed and soon the result starts looking at the ground level.

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  1. This is another way of looting the taxpayer. Gandak is a tributary of Ganga. Improving the drainage of the river to ensure better discharge into Ganga would be more beneficial instead of cutting a 170 km long channel.
    Long vision, my foot.

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