Muzaffarpur Uses Artificial Intelligence to Produce Mushrooms

Few years back, Mushroom farming picked pace in Bihar and the result is, now the state becomes the largest Mushroom producer in India.

As per a data released by National Horticulture Board, Bihar produces around 28000 metric tonnes of mushrooms in the year 2021-2022.

Now, Muzaffarpur has stepped forward to bring this legacy ahead.

Muzaffarpur is going to produce Mushrooms by taking help from Artificial Intelligence.

The company which is responsible for converting waste to petrol called Gravity Agro and Energy limited, is setting up a cluster of 10 huts in Khabra that targets to produce 2.9 quintals of mushrooms per day.

These tech-huts are planned to be inaugurated by the end of this month (around 28th or 29th) after taking approval from the district magistrate.

So far, 5 huts have been built while the remaining ones are being prepared.

Yesterday these huts were inspected by DM Pranav Kumar, the Deputy Development Commissioner and the company head Ashutosh Dwivedi.

During the inspection, Mr. Ashutosh explained to the district officials about how these huts are designed to produce mushrooms with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The company head said, the AI automatically adjusts the hut’s temperature by sensing the required temperature for mushroom farming.

In addition to that, it also automatically adjusts the fogger to control the humidity inside the hut.

It will also have a color sensing camera to monitor mushroom bags and accordingly alerts the technical team for any required step to take.

Operators can manage these AI functions easily through the mobile app.

Project Worth

This whole project’s worth is Rs 2.8 crores for which loans have been sanctioned to 80 Jeevika Didis who are going to manage these huts.

Mushroom Farming in Bochahan and Mushahari Block

Apart from Khabra these Mushroom producing tech huts are also planned to be set up in other blocks of Muzaffarpur.

For example, it is planned to set up 50 and 30 such huts in Bochahan and Mushahari blocks respectively.

So from the above it is clear that now Mushroom farming is also picking up its pace in Muzaffarpur district.

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