No Deferment Charge From Bihar Smart Prepaid Meter Users

Last month, smart prepaid meter users created a lot of uproar in Muzaffarpur over deducting the deferment charge.

After that, the District Magistrate conducts a meeting with the officials of the electricity department.

In the meeting, several points were proposed to solve electricity consumers problems.

Deferment Charge was one of those points discussed in the meeting.

Consumers are complaining that the electricity department is cutting deferment charges without any reason.

So, finally, the department has decided not to cut any deferment charge from smart prepaid users from next month i.e. September.

The department officials have said, “We have made some changes in the software through which if the Power Factor of the consumer’s meter is less than 0.9, then we will not cut any deferment charge.”

So, what does this 0.9 Power Factor mean here?

Well, 0.9 power factor means a consumer shouldn’t increase the electricity load more than 90% of what the electricity department is supplying.

If the consumer crosses the electricity load more than 90% of the supply given, then the department would cut the deferment charge.

In addition to the deferment charge, the other points discussed in the meeting are:

Electricity Load

Officials said, consumers can now increase their electricity load.

Also, earlier, the department was taking a penalty for using additional load which has now been removed for the next 6 months. In between, the consumers can increase their load to overcome the additional load charge.

Now, you might be thinking, how can I increase my electricity load?

Well, regarding the same, the department said, users can easily increase their electricity load through SUVIDHA App.

Security Money

The department also discussed to start returning users’ security money (if given any).

They are soon going to accept applications for the same.

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