water pipelines to 7651 muzaffarpur homes

To provide water connection under CM’s Urban Har Ghar Nal Yojana, Muzaffarpur will soon roll out water pipelines for 7651 homes in the second phase.

The total length of these pipelines would be around 70 kilometers which costs around Rs 8.71 crore to the state government.

This work is planned to be completed in one year.

24 mini submersible pumps of 5 HP will be installed as well to provide water connection in these pipelines.

214 Km Pipeline Installed in First Phase

In the first phase, a 214 km long pipeline was installed that is currently supplying water to 69,051 homes.

To pump water in the pipeline, 95 submersible pumps of 5 HP were installed that time.

The first phase was completed on January 31, 2023.

After completing the first phase, the city municipal corporation conducted a survey to find out the homes that still do not have the water connection.

After completion of the survey, the municipal corporation finds out there are 7651 homes that still are not connected with water tap connection provided under CM Har Ghar Nal Yojana.

Rs 61 Crore Released for Muzaffarpur Smart City Projects

The speed of Muzaffarpur Smart City projects will soon be increased.

For this, the Urban Housing Development Department of Bihar has released funds.

From the state side, Rs 58.12 crore whereas the center has released Rs 3.12 crore that counts to Rs 61.24 crore. This amount has been released for the year 2023-24.

For Muzaffarpur smart city projects, the state and center has to spend a total of Rs 980 crores to complete 21 smart city projects in the city.

While the total worth of all the 21 projects is Rs 980 crore, the redevelopment of Bairiya bus terminal costs Rs 129.84 crore.

After 5 years, so far only 5 of these 21 projects have been completed: Amrit Mahotsav Park, City Park, Integrated Command and Control Center, Awareness Campaign and Workshops.

Seems like the allotment of funds was causing the issue. Now, since the funds are released, citizens are expecting a smooth workflow.

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