iim bodh gaya inauguration
IIM Bodh Gaya

Geographical barriers once posed a challenge for Bihar’s MBA aspirants, compelling them to venture outside the state. However, this is set to change dramatically with the grand inauguration of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bodh Gaya’s permanent campus by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 20th, 2024.

Growth and Diversity at IIM Bodh Gaya

Since its establishment in 2015, IIM Bodh Gaya has seen remarkable growth, from an initial batch of 30 students to over 1,110. The student body is diverse, hailing from 293 cities and 26 states, with females making up over 31.67% of the population. This growth is a testament to the institute’s commitment to academic excellence and inclusive education.

A Glimpse into the State-of-the-Art Campus

The sprawling 73-acre permanent campus is a marvel of modern architecture and infrastructure. It houses smart classrooms designed for a future-oriented learning experience and the “Pragyata” library, which efficiently manages vast resources through Open Source Software.

Beyond Academics: Holistic Development

IIM Bodh Gaya goes beyond academics, fostering a dynamic student life. The campus features a sports complex with modern gym facilities and courts for various sports. The hostels offer millet-based cuisine, promoting healthy living and local options, while a medical center ensures the well-being of the entire campus community.

Extending Impact: Embracing Social Responsibility

The influence of IIM Bodh Gaya extends beyond its students. The institute has trained over 3,000 micro-entrepreneurs, aligning with the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” vision. It has also trained nearly 2,000 administrative officers, including police personnel from Bihar Police Academy and BIPARD, showcasing its commitment to excellence in governance and public service.

IIM Bodh Gaya Inauguration: A Beacon of Hope for Bihar’s Future Leaders

The inauguration of the permanent campus marks a pivotal moment for IIM Bodh Gaya and Bihar. It provides high-quality management education accessible to local students, empowering them to become future leaders and changemakers. This world-class facility stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for Bihar’s future management professionals.

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