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Muzcorner ( aka Muzaffarpur Corner) is a local news and blog publishing site that regularly publishes quality articles primarily about Muzaffarpur and the rest part of the Bihar.

Our website ( currently have around 10K monthly unique visitors who read our articles.

Talking about the visitors or our article readers, most of them are native to Bihar.

So, here comes the opportunity for Businessman, Shop Owners, Schools, Restaurants and more on our website.

You can promote a product or more generally ads on our website to gain exposure among these 10K readers native to Bihar.

I meant to say, you can easily promote your products which you want the people to purchase.

Now here are the different advertising options on our website.

  1. Via Banner Image Ads
  2. Via Sponsored Posts

Let me explain about these two for a bit.

Banner Image Ads: These ads are placed on different locations on our website. They basically are images where you graphically promote your product.

The Banner Image Ad has text limitations.

On the other side, for Banner Image Ads we charge less in compare to the Sponsored Posts.

The second one is Sponsored Posts.

Sponsored Posts: The Sponsored Posts are similiar to the general posts on our website also getting indexed on Google but will follow certain terms and conditions mentioned below.

Sponsored Posts Terms and Conditions

  • The article you want to sponsor us must be unique and haven’t posted on any site before.
  • If the article contains any link inside we will mark it rel=”Sponsored”.
  • For posting a sponsored post on our website, you have to provide us a featured image of size not less than 1200×675 px.
  • Our website has a special section for Sponsored Posts when we list all the sponsored posts on our website to give them proper exposure to our audience.
  • If you like, you can also send us the logo of the sponsor so that we will show it on the respective sponsored posts.

So, If you are interested to promote your product or sponsor an article on our website, do contact us on +918789794385 or you could Mail Us on


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