how to fetch muzaffarpur electricity bill online

In this article, I am going to explain you to how to fetch Muzaffarpur Electricity Bill Online? Well, Electricity Management authority of Muzaffarpur sometimes doesn’t provide you a bill. Maybe it is the fault of the personnel who doesn’t drop your electricity bills at your home. Maybe it is the irresponsibility of the Department. However, Any of this case happens to you don’t have to worry about it, just read this article to know, How to fetch your electricity bill by yourself online.

This article explains you to how to fetch your electricity bills online right from sitting in your home. We explained about two sources from where you could fetch your Muzaffarpur Electricity Bill online.

The First source from where you could fetch your electricity bill is PayTm and the second one is NBPDCL official website. Below we reveal the details. Check it Out.

Muzaffarpur Electricity Bill Fetch via PayTm

To Fetch Muzaffarpur Electricity bill via PayTm, first visit this link.

Next, Fill out your State, Board, and CA Number.

After that, Click on the next button.

Once you do all these steps, PayTm then fetches your electricity bill and shows it to you.

Muzaffarpur Electricity Bill Fetch via NBPDCL Official Site

Fetching Bill via NBPDCL Official Site requires you to visit this link first.

Once you visit this link, At the middle of the page the portal asks you to enter the CA Number.

Enter the CA Number and Click on the submit button to fetch the bill.

Note: CA Number here stand for Consumer Number. You can find this number in your Electricity bill which the authority provides you. You will find the valid CA Number in the bill that is given by NBPDCL to you.

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