Travel in Patna city bus by E-pass
Travel in Patna city bus by E-pass

By the demands of Students and Patna people, Bihar Transport Department has made available an e-pass system for city buses.

There are a total of 7 roots for which Bihar Transport Department is currently allowing E-pass in Patna. At the end of this month, they will issue E-pass for Biharsharif Nalanda and Hajipur. Travelers who want to avail e -pass will first have to apply a form in Bankipur bus depot. Once done he will get the e-pass for one month.

Below are the roots in Patna on which one take benefits of E-pass.

  1. Root number 111/111A  Kargil chowk-Danapur bus stand/Railway station.
  2. Root number 222  Kargil chowk-Patna AIIMS.
  3. Root number 333  Kargil chowk-NIT more.
  4. Root number 111/111A  Kargil chowk-Patna sahib Railway station.
  5. Root number 999  Sajuna more to Maner sharif.
  6. Root number 500 Patna Junction to kurji more.
  7. Root number 111/111A  Kargil chowk-Handi saheb danapur.

How much E-pass will Charge You?

  1. For Ladies, the Charges are Rs. 500 Per Month.
  2. The charges for Students are Rs. 550 Per Month but do note that Student Id is required for the same.
  3. Last but not the least the charges for normal citizen is Rs. 600 Per Month.

Disclaimer: I provide the above information on behalf of B.S.R.T.C and it may changes in future.

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