Patna Medical College and Hospital now have Dengue Ward

Patna Medical College and Hospital popularly known by the name PMCH completes building Dengue Ward in the Hospital. So, from now on, at PMCH, one can get free treatment and medicines for Dengue. As per PMCH administration every day, PMCH treats at least 15-20 dengue patients. The administration first examines the patient and once they found the patient is affected with the disease then they starts the treatment for free.

This year alone, PMCH treated around 260 Dengue patients out of which 157 are itself belongs from Patna.

In a conversation with Danik Jagran, PMCH Superintendent Dr Rajeev Ranjan Prasad reveals some information about Dengue. He explained the difference between Viral Fever and Dengue by saying that Viral Fever lasts for four days; however, the same is not in case of Dengue. He recommends if anyone has a fever for more than four days, it is necessary to check for Dengue.

The Persistent Fever in Dengue evaporates the platelets inside a human body. According to experts guidelines, a human body should have at least 10 Thousand platelets.

Beside Persistent Fever, Another Symptom to identify Dengue is one can experience pain on different Joints of his/her body. Also, Patients suffered from Dengue vomits at some interval.

So, it’s a great news PMCH now provide free checkup and treatment for Dengue. It is not necessary, to get the treatment you should be a native to Patna, but any patient in Bihar could get treatment here.

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