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In this article, we are listing out all the Patanjali Stores located in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Patanjali Ayurved Ltd is an Indian consumer goods company founded by Baba Ramdev along with Balkrishna in the year 2006. In India, Patanjali Production units are located at several places including Noida, Nagpur and Indore whereas it has more than 50 manufacturing units across India.

Products Patanjali is Selling

Patanjali Ayurved primarily selling personal and food care products, however, In 2016, Patanjali also announced to enter in textile manufacturing. Also, it was reported, the company not only manufacture the traditional clothes like Kurta Payjama but also popular western clothes such as Jeans.

Patanjali also has Ayurvedic Manufacturing division that manufactures over 300 medicines for treating a range of ailments and body conditions. Looking at all these data we thought to write an article listing out all the Patanjali stores in our city called Muzaffarpur.

Patanjali Stores in Muzaffarpur (List)

As per JustDial, Right now there are 8 Patanjali Stores present in Muzaffarpur and below I have listed them along with there address and contact info.

Kanchan Patanjali Store

Address: Dinesh Pandey House, Maripur Main Road, Muzaffarpur – 842003, Near Railway Overbridge

Phone No: +917903023567, +919431248891

Patanjali Shop

Address: Harpur Bakhri, Harpur, Muzaffarpur – 842001

Phone No: +917903969752

Patanjali Store

Address: Bahilwara Roopnath, Muzaffarpur – 844111

Phone No: +919709373898

Shanti Pharma

Address: Bhagwanpur Golabar, Muzaffarpur HO, Muzaffarpur – 842001, Near Bhagwanpur Chowk Bhawani Sweets

Phone No: +919771378544

Patanjali Swadeshi Kendra

Address: Bhagwanpur, Muzaffarpur – 842001, Near L.N Mishra College

Phone No: +917766827050

Patanjali Desi Kendra

Address: Kanti, Muzaffarpur – 843109

Phone No: +919939195819

Pathak Patanjali Store

Address: Mahamadpur Borhan, Raypur Mahadeo Bazar Phanda Road, Muzaffarpur – 843112

Phone No: +919546896455

Vinayak Traders

Address: Aghoriya bazar, Muzaffarpur – 842002, Near Sunaina Medical Hall

Phone No: +919570995254

So, this is it, if we miss any store and you know about it, don’t be shy to name it along with its address and phone number in the comment box down below.

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