crocodile number increases day by day gandak river bihar

Day by Day the number of Crocodiles increases in Bihar Gandak River. Back in 2010, Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Gharial Conservation Alliance, Wildlife Trust of India, Forest & Environment Department and Government of Bihar jointly conducted a survey in between Valmiki Nagar to Sonpur in Gandak River. In that survey, 10 Crocodiles were identified in between Valmiki Nagar and Dumaria Ghat Bridge. Out of these 10 Crocodiles, 4 of them were Female and the remaining 6 were male.

After that in 2012, the Chief Minister of Bihar took interest in the Crocodiles for their rehabilitation and asked technical help from the Wildlife Trust of India.

Gandak River has been identified as the safest place for these Crocodiles to breed. Hence, Crocodiles kept in Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park have been put in the select safest place in Gandak River to breed.

Before putting Crocodiles in the Gandak River, they are marked with high frequency radio equipment to monitor their numbers. Two years ago 116 such marked Crocodiles were put in the Gandak River which has now been turned to 300 as per a Jagran Report.

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