The problem of traffic jams in Muzaffarpur has now become a common thing and there are many reasons behind it which I am going to discuss in this article today.

The problem of traffic jams in our city is not only due to deficiencies in the government system but also due to deficiencies in our moral understanding.

So let’s talk in detail now why traffic jams are happening in our city everyday.

First of all, let’s talk about the traffic posts. So let me tell you that there are a total of 44 traffic posts in our city. These traffic posts are operated by only 3 officers and 110 jawans. The number of personnel on traffic posts is half the requirement. Currently, an average of 3 jawans are deployed at a traffic post in the city. Apart from this, homeguards are currently operating the entire traffic system of the city. So the first problem of traffic jams in the city is the lack of personnel at traffic posts.

Now let’s talk about encroachment. Currently there are 99 roads in Muzaffarpur. Out of these 99 roads, 74 roads are under Municipal Corporation while 12 and 13 roads are under PWD and District Council. The width of the road under Municipal Corporation is 4 to 25 meters. The width of the road under PWD is 8 to 30 meters. The width of the roads made by the Zilla Parishad is between 5 and 24 meters. 25 percent of all these roads have been occupied either by the vegetable or fruit resellers. So, encroachment is also an important problem behind traffic jams in the city.

Now encroachments also take place in different ways in the city like illegal auto stands at almost all entry points of the city. Apart from this, there are currently four overbridges in Muzaffarpur and these four overbridges also have illegal auto stands.

Apart from the illegal auto stand, the illegal parking of vehicles up to 10 feet on both sides of the road present in the city also creates a problem of traffic jams.

Two-wheelers and four-wheelers enter comfortably in No Entry and One Way, while regular challan is not being deducted even in violation of such traffic rules.

Talking about two-wheelers, there are currently 4.79 lakh two-wheelers, 1.34 lakh four-wheelers, 24 thousand three-wheelers in the district. It is estimated around 25,000 vehicles run every day in the city. Out of these 25 thousand vehicles, about 5 thousand vehicles are come from remote areas.

Many places in the city get jammed only because the garbage is stored on the road which takes away a large part of the road.

So these are some of the important reasons behind the traffic jam in the city. Please tell us about what you think by commenting below.

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