Bihar Rubber Dam
Bihar for the first time is building a Rubber Dam in Gaya

On Thursday, Water Resources Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha told the Legislative Council that, for the first time a rubber dam is being constructed in the state. To provide water throughout the year at Vishnupad Temple in Gaya, Bihar, a rubber dam is being constructed on the left bank of the Phalgu river at an approximate cost of Rs 266 crore. The construction of this dam will be completed in the year 2023.

The ongoing constructed rubber dam on the banks of Phalgu River not just keep the enviroment balanced but is also very important from the religious point of view.

Although concrete is usually used to make water dams, but to prevent the surface flow, seat piles of 1031 meters in length and diaphragm walls in 300 meters are being installed in this rubber dam. The format to build this dam is being prepared by IIT Roorkee.

The Minister told the House that DPR is being prepared for the construction of weirs near Bitho Sharif village that will cost around Rs. 100 crore and that will irrigate around 5600 hectares of land in Manpur and Belaganj blocks of Gaya District.

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