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In this article, I am gonna list out the details of some of the Best Internet Service Providers in Muzaffarpur 2023. Note that in this article, I am talking only about those providers which installs WiFi and broadband.

However, before naming them and reveal their details as well as contact info, let me first talk about why you should install a broadband at home.

Right now, Every other SIM company doesn’t matter whether its a GSM or LTE doesn’t provide you unlimited Internet.

However, if you have a business or high internet consumption in your home, then you must take a broadband connection.

Now, Broadband connection these days doesn’t requires wiring as 3-4 years ago.

These days ISPs just assemble an external or internal CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) in your home via a long pipe depends on your locality.

After installation, they will provide you an RJ45 cable to insert in your laptop or PC to access Internet.

However, they also give the option to purchase a WiFi via which you access internet wirelessly in you home. But its all up-to you.

Now, let’s talk about the Best Internet Service Providers in Muzaffarpur who provides you the above mentioned facility.

Best Internet Service Providers in Muzaffarpur 2023

1. DC Network Solution

Let me first name the ISP from which I have taken the Internet Connection, DC Network solution.

Talk to Dharmendra Bhaiya the owner of DC Network solution, he will explain you all the details.

Address: Neelam Complex, Top Floor, Amgola Road, Harsabha Chowk, Muzaffarpur – 842001, Opposite Jawahar Cinema

Phone Number: 9525965798

There are other two companies as well to which users gives sufficient reviews so that they fall in our list.

2. Malachandra Broadband Services

The address and contact are below.

Address: No 3, Balughat Road, New Colony, Balughat, Muzaffarpur – 842001, Near Chocolate Factory

Phone Number: 9031243094 and 7480955839

3. Cyber Telecommunications

Address and contact details are given below.

Address: Chhoti Kalyani Road, Kalyani, Muzaffarpur – 842001, Near Shekhar Cinema Hall

Phone Number: 9152916889

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  1. can you tell me which internet provider provides internet connection in Sherpur Location in muzaffarpur ? and what is the speed they provide ?

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