EESL releases Complaint Number to repair LED Vapour Light in Muzaffarpur

On Thurday, EESL project head Randhir Singh releases the Complaint Number on which you can call to register your complaint, if you found a damaged Street Vapour Light near you. Note that from Thursday Energy efficiency service limited company starts the work to repair street Vapour LED Light which they assemble back in 2018 in Muzaffarpur.

To initiate the process, more quickly they even releases a complaint number where one can register about a faulty or damaged street LED Vapour light.

The complaint numbers are as follow:

7491995227 and 9304573135

Note that the tender to assemble LED Vapour street light in Muzaffarpur is given to EESL back in 2018. However, after several month many street lights are found to be damaged.

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Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India

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