LS College Starts Music Classes | Photo Credits: College Dunia

LS College Starts Music Classes in the Philosophy Department. However, the authority will arrange additional classes for those who are interested in it. This new initiative starts under the direction of Shail Kumari, the chairperson of the department of Philosophy and cultural committee. External teachers could also assist students about the minor details of music instruments like Harmonium, Tabla and many more.

About this new music class, Principal Om Prakash Rai says this new class starts from Wednesday. Moreover, Republic is near and also student can showcase their talent there. On the evening of 26 January, Famous Bhajan singer Sonu Muskan also show their performance.

Students practice the Sur and Rythm with Mahatma Gandhi favorite bhajan song “Vaishnav Jan to Tene Kahiye, Je peer paraai jaanein re”.

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