Soon Electric Trains Runs Between Muzaffarpur and Raxaul | Image Credits: Indiarailinfo

Soon you will see Electric Trains running in between Muzaffarpur and Raxaul. The construction of Rail-line has already been completed. However, It is now waiting only for its inauguration. Note that this new electric rail line is spread via Sugauli and Bettiah which finally reaches to Raxaul. It means now, Muzaffarpur people will travel to these two stations too in a short interval of time. Some sources say this new rail line starts from March 1st week. That means it will soon be inaugurated.

On completion of 100 years of Champaran Satyagraha PM Modi lays the foundation of doubling these rail lines. With this inauguration, the construction of rail line in between Muzaffarpur and Sugauli whereas Sugauli to Balmikinagar (which is approximately 210 KM in length) was started. The overall estimate of this whole project is around Rs. 350 crores.

Note that The construction of Rail line in between Muzaffarpur and Sugauli whereas in between Sugauli and Balmikinagar is completed. However, the electrification of these line have not completed yet. However, we believe it will complete by the end of this month.

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