Government Authorised Motor Vehicle Driving Training Schools in Bihar

In this article, I list out all the Government Authorised Driving Training Schools available in Bihar. The transport department of Bihar has authorized these Institutions to provide Motor vehicle driving training to Candidates belonging to Bihar. Note that these Institutions are present in different district of Bihar.

List of Government Authorised Motor Vehicle Driving Training Schools in Bihar

DistrictName of InstituteAddressLicense NoValidity
PatnaSavitri Motor Training & Engineering InstitutePlot No- 06, Nurshing Market, Kankarbagh Main Road , Patna03/201314-05-2018
PatnaM/s Alankar Auto Sells and Service Private LtdBoring Canal Road, Patna01/201116-05-2021
PatnaKarlo Automobiles Private LtdBoring Road , Patna02/201111-11-2021
PatnaAutomobiles association of Eastern IndiaS.P. Verma Road, Patna04/201312-11-2018
NalandaUma Motor Training & Engineering SchoolBiharsharif, Nalanda06/201626-12-2020
RohtasDurga Motors Training SchoolMore Sarai, Shimonagar, Rohtas07/201622-08-2021
BuxarTej Singh Motor Training SchoolBazar Samiti Road, Buxar05/201425-06-2019
BhagalpurHira Lal Bhagalpur Motor Driving Training & Engineering SchoolR.B. Surya Pra Road Chhoti Khanjarpur, Bhagalpur01/200222-04-2021
BhagalpurPrince Motor Driving Training SchoolKhanjarpur Barari, Bhagalpur01/201016-07-2020
ChapraPrabhu Motor Training SchoolSri Nandan Path, Chapra01/198927-11-2021
ChapraSeven Star Motor Training SchoolSri Nandan Path, Chapra01/200131-12-2021
ChapraDada Motor Training SchoolSadha, Dahiyanwa, Chapra01/199907-04-2019
ChapraFive Star Maruti Training SchoolChapra01/201618-07-2021
ChapraRise India Driver Training AcademyChapra01/201831-01-2023
GopalganjGopalganj    Motor    Training    & Engineering SchoolGopalganj02/198926-09-2018
GopalganjUniversal Motor Training SchoolStation Road, ward No- 15, Gopalganj01/03-0411-03-2019
SiwanSiwan MotorTraining & Engineering SchoolAhmad Market Chhapra Road, Siwan03/8928-12-2019
DarbhangaKhan Motor Driving Training CenterAt- Dumduma, Laheriasarai,01/201518-03-2020
DarbhangaSikandar Motor  Driving Training SchoolAt- Urdu Bazar, Lalbagh,02/201605-09-2021
MadhubaniAmam Peace Foundation  Motor Driving Training SchoolAt – Raza Manjil, Ward No- 17,01/201605-09-2021
MadhubaniJai Dharmraj Motor Driving Training SchoolRahika, Madhubani01/201706-03-2022
MungerSharma Motor Driving SchoolMunger01/2010-1126-12-2020
LakhisaraiOm Sai Motor Driving Training SchoolLakhisarai01/2014-1521-07-2019
SaharsaKoshi Motor Driving Training SchoolN.H. 107 , Saharsa02/201523-12-2020
SaharsaMahadeo Motor Training SchoolAshirwad Bhawan, Tiranga Chowk, Ward No 15, Gangjala, Saharsa01/201525-06-2020
SupaulBhagwati Motor Training SchoolSupaul01/201327-02-2018
GayaKarlo Auto Mobile, Motor Driving Training SchoolKarlo Auto Mobile Private Ltd., Gaya01/201517-02-2020
NawadaSangam Motor TrainingNawada01/200810-01-2022
MuzaffarpurAnand Motor Training InstituteMuzaffarpur02/201319-06-2018
MuzaffarpurVaibhav Motor Driving SchoolMuzaffarpur01/201010-02-2020
MuzaffarpurOm Motor Driving SchoolMuzaffarpur01/201531-05-2020
MuzaffarpurPerfect  Motor Driving  Training SchoolMuzaffarpur01/200517-08-2020
VaishaliJai Jagdish Motor Training SchoolHajipur02/201407-07-2019
VaishaliRishav Motor Training SchoolMahatma Gandhi Setu Road, Jadhua, Hajipur01/201301-04-2018
East ChamparanChamparan Motor Driving Training SchoolEast Champaran, Motihari02/201013-06-2020
East ChamparanKrishna Motor Driving Training SchoolRaxaul, East Champaran02/201522-11-2020
West ChamparanSri Ram Motor Driving SchoolSarisaba Road, Bettiah03/201321-11-2018
SitamarhiS.C Motor Vahan Training  SchoolDumra, Sitamarhi01/201417-02-2019
SheoharRanjan Motor Driving Training SchoolSheohar01/201530-04-2020

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