Why March 22 is Celebrated as Bihar Diwas in Bihar?

In this article, I am going to explain you Why March 22 is celebrated as Bihar Diwas in Bihar. Every year March 22 is celebrated as Bihar Diwas in Bihar, the reason is same day Bihar got separated from Bengal Presidency back in year 1912. Moreover, this is the same day when Bihar got his name “Bihar”.

You can think of this date as the Indepence day of Bihar. 1912 is the year when partition of Bengal happens the result of this partition give birth to two new states called Bihar and Orissa. Later in year 2000, partition happens in Bihar and give birth to a new state called Jharkhand.

Bihar Diwas is also known by the name Bihar Sthapna Diwas. Note that the partition of Bihar from Bengal was done by Britishers. Government of Bihar has declared this day as the Public Holiday. Moreover, this holiday is not limited to state Government offices but also to the private or central government offices in Bihar. On this day, Schools also declare Holiday by organising programmes to ask students aware about this day.

Not just bihar the day is celebrated in other countries as well. Some of these countries are US, Britain, Germany, Australia, Scotland, UAE, Qatar, Canada and so on.

This year Bihar Diwas ages to a total of 107 years. That’s it for now.

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