Ajay Nishad Defeated Rajbhushan Chaudhary by 4 Lakh votes

Lok Sabha Election 2019 result is declared today and Ajay Nishad defeated Rajbhushan Chaudhary by 4 Lakh votes. BJP candidate Ajay has got a total of 6,59,833 votes. On the other side, Rajbhushan Chaudhary from VIP party (an alliance of Mahagatbandhan) has got 2,54,832 votes.

Well, most of know about BJP candidate Ajay Nishad but not more about Rajbhushan Chaudhary. Professionally a doctor whereas came from the same Nishad community, this is the first time Dr. Rajbhushan Chaudhary fought for a lok sabha seat.

Well, because he also came from Nishad community, it makes him a serious opponent of previous Muzaffarpur lok sabha seat winner Ajay Nishad.

If we talk about Muzaffarpur Lok Sabha seat in brief. In early time, I mean, before emergency, only congress won from this seat. However, In year 1977, first time a non-congress candidate George Fernandes won this seat.

Do note that, From Around 20 years, NDA has captured Muzaffarpur Lok Sabha seat. From 1999 to 2014, in four lok sabha election, 3 times JDU whereas one time BJP has won this lok sabha seat. In 2014, however, JDU and NDA was opponent of each other and NDA won this seat that time.

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