Human Skeletons Found Near Muzaffarpur SKMCH Hospital
Human Skeletons Found Near Muzaffarpur SKMCH Hospital

Right now, Muzaffarpur seizes its presence in the national news because of a disease called Acute Encephalitis Syndrome. This disease claims more than 150 lives of the children in the city.

In Muzaffarpur, the maximum number of children who died of this disease are patients of SKMCH hospital. Do note that SKMCH is a state-run hospital; therefore, the most amount of children who have this disease admitted to this Hospital.

Well, this news isn’t exhausted from the air properly, and now a new report has come out from ANI.

ANI reports, This Saturday, Human Skeletons found near Muzaffarpur SKMCH Hospital.

After local people found the skeleton near the forest area of SKMCH hospital they inform the concerning authority of the hospital. Giving a quick response an investigation team from the Hospital quickly reaches the location.

ANI team also talk with SKMCH caretaker Janak Paswan, and he reveals some shocking information about the Hospital.

He says, One Hospital authority postmortem a body, they dump it in the forest behind the Hospital.

Well, if this information is correct, which it seems like it is, it is inhuman because the bodies are neither burned or buried.

The correct procedure, however, is once the Hospital receives any dead body, they have to contact first the nearest police station. Next, the police station then has to file a report and search for the body family member. If the family member arrives in under 72 hours, hospital authority has to hand over the body to the family member. Otherwise, they have to burn or bury the body properly.

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