The water level of Budhi Gandak River that passing in the middle of Muzaffarpur city reaches the danger mark. The current water level of Budhi Gandak is 51.53 meter, whereas the danger mark is 52.53 meter. That means if the water level rises at least 2 meters, then no one able to stop flood to came in Muzaffarpur city.

However, officials who are monitoring the river says, right now there isn’t anything to worry about. Meanwhile, officials are busy in finding rat holes that put the risk of breaking the embankment.

Those of you who don’t know there are a total of 90 sluice gates that control the flow of Budhi Gandak River water which officials have now closed. Right now, repair work is also going on the Akharaghat Bridge.

We are also monitoring the situation and report to you as soon as possible. So, stay tuned with us and if you have any video footage or photos you want to share with us message us on our whatsapp number 9065079703.

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