muzaffarpur police release whatsapp number to help citizens from cyber fraud

After finding numerous cases against Cyber Fraudster and to help Muzaffarpur citizens tackle and report Cyber Fraudsters, Today, Muzaffarpur SSP, Mr. Jayant Kant releases a WhatsApp Number where people can report Cyber Fraudsters and Cyber Criminals. Mr. Jayant Kant also said that, the same WhatsApp number also going to help people stop their financial transaction in case any frauster get access to their account.

Most of us know that How these days Cyber Fraudsters call people and told them they are bank manager of some bank and then ask about secret bank details of the account holder. For example, the ATM Card Number, CVV and OTP. After getting these personal details of the victim they transact money from their account.

Most of us know these things but still there are some of us who have no knowledge about How Cyber Fraudsters complete their task. That’s the reason, While celebrating Bihar Police Week 2020, Muzaffarpur Police came up with this intitiative of releasing a WhatsApp Number to help people counter Cyber Criminals.

Here is the WhatsApp Number 7480846641

Beside releasing only the WhatsApp Number, Muzaffarpur Police also releases a list of guidelines to not get trapped by a cyber criminal.

Here is What the list mentions.

  1. Do not share your ATM PIN, CVV, OTP with anyone even if they are some personnel of bank.
  2. Do not click on any link or install any App recommended by any stranger.
  3. Make sure not to share your Social Media account crendentials to anyone.
  4. Never ever share you ATM Card details and OTP with anyone.

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