BPSC preparing to conduct Civil Services Exam Interview Online

While everyone is in lockdown due to global pandemic COVID-19 outbreak in the country, In between, Bihar Public Service Commission has come up with a unique way to conduct Interview of the BPSC Civil Services exam. In the new model, BPSC is preparing to conduct the interview of the Civil Services Exam online.

In the existing model, a candidate have to visit the commission office to give the interview for the same exam that is not possible while everyone is in lockdown. So, to Incur this situation, BPSC has come up with this new initiative.

If BPSC able to implement this model, then it will be the first commission in India to conduct an online interview for State level Civil Services examination. In a talk with Danik Jagran, BPSC Chairman Shishir Sinha said, Right now, we are consulting experts to look at the privacy aspect of this model. He also said Different commissions conducting civil services exam in the country are now showing their interest in this new model.

How the Candidate have to give the Interview Online?

Those of you who don’t know, India right now has 36 State level NIC center and 708 District level NIC Center, and A Candidate have to visit the nearest NIC center to give the Interview. Also, to eliminate every possibility of misconduct, the online interview model going to have several stages and each of these stages will have their own privacy.

Saving some money also with the Online Model

To take interview of BPSC Civil Services examination, Right now, experts come from all corners of the country. Therefore, The existing model spend some money for the travelling and accommodation expenses of the expert. However, the online model drops this expenditure plus also saves some time for both the interviewee and the Interviewer.

So, If you ask me, the online model to conduct interview for the BPSC Civil Services exam is cool. Let’s see when BPSC is going to conduct the Civil Services exam interview online. Also, do let us know, In the comment section down below, whether you like this new strategy to conduct Civil services exam interview.

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