Half of India's Dolphin population lives in Bihar

A survey conducted by the Zoological Survey of India, Wildlife Trust of India and Tilak Majhi University Bhagalpur found that half of India’s dolphin population lives in Bihar. In the year 2018, funded by the Government of Bihar, a survey was conducted on three rivers of Bihar (i.e. Ganga, Gandak and Ghaghra) and in the same survey it was found that these three rivers together have 1150 Dolphins which is half of the total dolphins population in the country. In India Dolphins are mainly found in the Ganges river but it can also be seen in some other rivers. For example, Yamuna, Chambal, Ken, Betwa, Son, Sharda, Geruwa, Gahagra Gandak, and Rapti.

In the same survey, around 300 dolphins were found in the Ganges river between Buxar and Mokama, 700 dolphins were found in the Ganges river between Mokama and Manihari, while 100 and 50 dolphins were found in the Gandak and Ghaghra river. However, there has been no such survey conducted in the last two years, so the number of dolphins may have either increased or decreased. Those of you who don’t know, The Dolphins are the most endangered species on earth and their numbers are constantly decreasing despite several protective measures taken up by the government to conserve them.

That’s why most of us need to know that we should save this extinct species. However, as a Bihari, I also feel proud to say that our state has saved most of the Dolphins population of the country.

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