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In this article, I have explained everything about Muzaffarpur Airport that is located at Patahi. I have mentioned every single detail you need to know.

Back in 1967, an Airport was built in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, for the arrival of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In 2018, the Airport was added to UDAN to connect people from other cities. Later, Rs. 60 crore was sanctioned to re-establish this Airport to initiate 30 to 60 seater flights between Muzaffarpur and different Indian cities. In Muzaffarpur, this Airport is located at Patahi at an elevation of 174 feet above the sea level.

Right now, Government is arranging 410 acres of land to establish this Airport for regular passenger flights. If you remembered back in April 2019, While addressing an election rally, Prime Minister Modi assured that soon passenger aircraft are going to fly from Muzaffarpur’s Patahi Airport. Later, Bihar Urban Development and Housing Department Minister, Suresh Kumar Sharma, also promised that Patahi Airport would soon start operating 60 seaters plane.

There has been a demand for resuming passenger flights from Muzaffarpur Patahi Airport for a long time.

A year ago, At Patahi Airport, different companies surveyed and explored the possibilities of running commercial flights and asked the Government to increase the length of the runway. Now, to increase the length of the track requires additional land, and the acquisition of extra land is not so easy because the area near the Airport is densely populated.

As per a report, currently, in the available land, only 1350 meters of the runway could be at the Patahi Airport. Also, at the time of writing this article, the Airport has a runway of only 1220 meters. Now, for big Aircraft to fly from the Airport requires a track of at least 1800 meters.

What happens if Muzaffarpur Airport starts operating Passenger or Commercial Aircraft?

If Patahi Airport starts operating Passenger or Commercial Aircraft then, doors of investment open in the district and new employment prospects could be grown. Most of you already know that Muzaffarpur is the hub of the cotton and textile business for decades. Traders from Nepal also come here to promote their business. Hence, starting operations of Passenger or Commercial Aircraft from Muzaffarpur will be genuinely beneficial.

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