While all schools in the state were closed since the first lockdown, In unlock 4 the central ministry decided to open schools for Class 9th to 12th from September 21. Bihar, on the other hand, takes one more week to decide whether to do the same or not and today, finally the Bihar Government decided to open schools (both Government and Private) for Class 9 to 12.

Now, the School authority will decide whether to open schools for the mentioned class after getting sufficient written permission from the parents of the students.

The above things are permissible only for those schools and students who don’t fall inside the containment zone. I mean schools and students who are in a containment zone are not allowed to open the school or go to school.

The Principal Secretary of Bihar Education Department, Sanjay Kumar said, following central guidelines about opening schools in Unlock 4, we decided to open schools under certain conditions only for Secondary and Higher Secondary classes that are from Class 9th to 12th. The schools, however, have ordered only one third of students to attend the class. Also said, a student is allowed only two days in a week.

Most states are following the central guidelines about opening schools for Class 9 to 12 but also asked the parents of the students to submit a written permission.

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