air india soon take off flights darbhanga airport

Passenger Flight Services have already been started from Darbhanga Airport. The first flight takes off from the Darbhanga Vidyapati Airport was on November 8, 2020.

Now, while the Airport Authority of India has given SpiceJet the permission to only operate flights from Darbhanga Airport. Soon Air India to also operate flights from the Darbhanga Airport.

Regarding the same, The former water resource minister of the state and JDU national general secretary Sanjay Kumar Jha has recently met with the Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri.

The former minister first thanked the aviation minister and then explained to him all the problems associated with the airport. The former minister also explained the aviation minister about the higher air fare from the Darbhanga Airport.

The aviation minister, on the other hand, has told the former minister, we are looking forward to give Air India to also start their flights from Darbhanga Airport. The aviation minister also said, other private flight companies are also in talks to start flights from Darbhanga Vidyapati Airport.

Now, as soon as Air India starts operating flights from the Darbhanga Airport, it is expected the fare charge would also go down.

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