Muzaffarpur-Sonbarsa Road is going to be completed this month

The National Highway Authority of India is going to complete three major road projects in Bihar this month. A total of 5 districts in Bihar will primarily be benefited with these road projects. With these Road Projects, Traffic Jams will be eliminated till some extent from these cities.

Out of these three major road projects, let’s talk about the Muzaffarpur-Sonbarsa Road Project at first. In July this year, Bihar CM urges the Union Road Transport Minister to construct a four lane road in between Muzaffarpur and Sonbarsa. Now, although the four lane road has not been approved but a 82.697 Km long two lane road is to be completed this month. The cost to construct this 82.697 Km long road is estimated to be Rs 512 crores. It is a two lane road which will be a part of National Highway number 77 a.k.a. NH-77. With the construction of Muzaffarpur-Sonbarsa road, people can easily travel in between Muzaffarpur and Sitamarhi.

So, this is all about Muzaffarpur-Sonbarsa Road, let’s talk about the other two road projects.

The other two road projects are Patna-Bakhtiyarpur four lane road and Biharsharif-Barbigha-Mokama two lane road. With the construction of Patna-Bakhtiyarpur four lane road which is a part of NH-30, people who travel in between Bihar and Jharkhand will directly be benefitted whereas with the construction of Biharsharif-Barbigha-Mokama two lane road which is a part of NH-82, people of Patna, Nalanda, and Sheikhpura districts will be benefited.

The cost to construct the 50.56 Km long Patna-Bakhtiyarpur road is estimated to be Rs 574 crores whereas the cost to construct the 54.76 Km long Biharsharif-Barbigha-Mokama two lane road is Rs 297.27 crores.

In addition to these three road projects, the National Highway Authority of India has said a list of other road projects are to be completed next year in Bihar. These other road projects are listed below.

  • Maheshkhunt-Saharsa-Purnia Road
  • The Remaining part of Bakhtiyarpur-Mokama Road
  • Simaria-Khagaria Road
  • Majhauli-Charaut Road
  • Forbesganj-Jogbani Road
  • The Approach Road of Rail-Cum-Road Bridge over the Ganga Rive in Munger.

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