COVID 19 Corona Treatment Rates in Private Hospitals of Bihar

World’s biggest Corona Vaccination drive has been started in India today.

In Muzaffarpur, the Corona Vaccination drive is being conducted at 10 centres.

8 out of these 10 centres are Government owned whereas the remaining 2 centres are private.

The Government Hospitals, Some Private Hospitals and Community Health Centres are selected to conduct the vaccination drive in the district.

Also, 9 out of these 10 centres are giving the Covishield Vaccine whereas the remaining one SKMCH is giving the Covaxin.

In all of these 10 centres a maximum of 100 health care officials are vaccinated.

In Sadar Hospital, Muzaffarpur, the vaccination drive started today at 11:00 am.

Below you can see, Dr. CK Das (a medical officer in Sadar Hospital, Muzaffarpur) shared his experience after taking the vaccine.

You can see the experience of others who are vaccinated in Sadar Hospital, Muzaffarpur.

Compounder Shakti Pandey is the first person vaccinated in Kejriwal Hospital, Muzaffarpur which is a private hospital.

Pregnant women, People of age more than 50 years, and those who are suffering from some serious illness are not allowed to participate in this vaccination drive.

Webcams have been installed in all these Vaccination Centres to monitor the Vaccination Process.

Today the first dose is given and after 28 days the second dose will be given. It is said, Immunity will increase only 14 days after the second dose.

In Muzaffarpur so far 20,622 people have been reportedly registered in the Cowin portal for the vaccination.


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