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In view of the increasing cases of death in Bihar during the Corona period, the Principal Secretary of Urban Development and Housing Department, Anand Kishore has ordered all the municipal bodies to provide death certificates through email.

If any application for death certificate comes, then ask the applicant for their email and phone number so that death certificate can be sent to them through email, while confirming the same through SMS on their phone number.

In addition to softcopy, if the applicant also asks for a hard copy of the death certificate, note his address and provide him the death certificate through post. Keep in mind that if death certificate is provided through post, then postage cost should be taken from the applicant itself.

The Principal Secretary has ordered all the municipal bodies to register all the applicants for providing death certificate and note the date of registration so that it can be ascertained in how many days the death certificate has been provided to the applicants. .

Provide death certificate to BPL applicants through post

Applicants who are not well-educated or who do not have an email ID should provide death certificates through post but at the time of registration, it is agreed upon by the applicants through signature or thumb impression that they have not any registered Email ID and they want to get the death certificate through post only.

No fee should be charged for sending certificates to BPL applicants through post.

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