Kanti to first get the Smart Meter in Muzaffarpur

Earlier we told you, while the installation of Smart Prepaid Meter will be free of cost, the power company will recover the cost of Smart Prepaid Meter in 10 installments from the consumer.

However, now, The State Government has ordered the power companies to not take any charge from the consumers for installing Smart Prepaid Meters in their houses and offices.

Power Companies themselves are now going to bear the cost of Smart Prepaid Meter in 96 installments over the period of 8 years to the company from which they are ordering the Smart Prepaid Meter.

The central agency EESL has taken the responsibility to install 23.5 lakh smart prepaid meters in the first phase in the state. The cost to complete the same is estimated to be Rs. 1826.86 crore.

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