Patna Double-Decker Flyover

Last September, the State Council of Ministers gave the administrative approval to construct a double-decker flyover from Kargil Chowk to Science College in Patna.

After getting the administrative approval, the Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Limited (BRPNNL) issued a tender to construct the flyover.

The corporation has selected the agency to construct the flyover.

Now, on August 31, 2021, the corporation is organizing a foundation stone ceremony at Kargil Chowk, Ashok Rajpath.

Once the foundation stone ceremony will complete, the selected agency will start constructing the flyover the same day.

The State Road Construction department has aimed to complete constructing the flyover within 3 years.

Although this 2.198 km flyover will be built between Kargil Chowk to Science College, it connects different routes that include Kargil Chowk, PMCH, Krishna Ghat, NIT, Law College, and Mahendru.

The estimated cost to complete constructing this flyover is Rs 422 crores.

The flyover will consist of three junctions present near Kargil Chowk, Krishna Ghat, and NIT.

Both of its decks will be one way which means if one deck regulates the upstream traffic then the other one regulates the downstream traffic.

So starting August 31, 2021, Patna is going to get its first double-decker flyover.

Patna’s double-decker flyover will be the state’s second Double-Decker Flyover.

A double-decker flyover is currently being constructed in Chapra, Bihar.

The Patna double-decker flyover will be a four-lane road.

Why a double-decker flyover is constructing in Patna?

The Ashok Rajpath is the most trafficked area in Patna.

The reason is, there are several big institutions present in Ashok Rajpath.

For example, the state’s biggest hospital PMCH is present in Ashok Rajpath.

Several education institutions, for example, BN College, Science College, Patna College, and NIT are all situated near Ashok Rajpath.

Looking at all this, the state government has decided to construct a double-decker flyover there.

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