Meet India First Beggar Who Accepts Payment Digitally

India is genuinely becoming digital.

In this article, I am giving you an example supporting the above statement.

Today, I will talk about a Beggar who accepts payment digitally in India.

Raju Prasad, a resident of Bettiah, Bihar, has been spotted accepting payments digitally.

Prasad’s age is 40 right now. However, he starts begging at the age of 10.

One can easily spot him begging near Bettiah Railway Station.

Awadhesh Tiwari (a retired public servant) and a resident of Bettiah said Raju’s father Prabhunath Prasad was living with his family at Baswaria Ward 30 in Bettiah. Prabhunath Prasad was the only breadwinner of the family. When he died, his son Raju Prasad started begging (as people say, he is a mand buddhi).

Raju Prasad is a true admirer of PM Modi as he supports Digital India and recently has opened a bank account. Raju said, I have an Aadhaar Card, but since I don’t have a PAN card, the opening of a bank account gets delayed. But now, I have the same, and now I am accepting payment digitally.

He says, “No Chutta, No Worries. I accept payments digitally now”. You can pay me through Phone Pe by simply scanning the QR code.

Besides PM Modi, earlier Raju was the fan of former Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Lalu Prasad. Till 2015, he was provided meals by the Railway Pantry car staff. After that, he said, he pay the local Dhaba for his meal on his own.

So, Do you still doubting, Is India is becoming digital?

Well, may this story has broadened your mind now.

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